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Focused on excellence and optimal beauty, the Cazabella design team is mandated to aggressively monitor fashion trends around the world from diverse markets such as New York and Tokyo, London and Milan.

The selection team measures each creation against the key pillars of the Cazabella strategy: Balance, Beauty and Brilliance.



All genuine Cazabella products have been individually crafted by highly skilled jewellery manufacturers, to match the high quality standards for which Cazabella is renowned. If for any reason there is any workmanship default, your genuine Cazabella product carries a 14 day guarantee.



Cazabella insists that its fashion accessories remain affordable so that customers can collect and enjoy a wide variety of gorgeous colourful accessories for every outfit for years to come.



Cazabella makes extensive use of Swarovski crystals, first crafted by Daniel Swarovski, from Czech Republic and renowned today as one of the world class crystals, capturing exceptional clarity, colour and superior faceting. The internal fire of any crystal can only be ignited to its utmost brilliance when each facet is precision-cut to perfection, is perfectly symmetrical, and its dimensions are geometrically proportioned to the finest detail as found in Swarovski crystals.


Cubic Zirconia's (CZ's)

A-grade Cubic Zirconia's complete the high end pieces of Cazabella stunning new range.



A range of other crystals and rhinestones are handpicked to reflect “the glistening" of all brilliance of the Cazabella brand.


Rhodium (*RH)

Double Rhodium plating is utilized for upmarket silver coloured jewellery. Rhodium is almost 3 times more valuable than platinum and its main use is to keep jewellery shiny whilst preventing and reducing tarnishing and skin sensitivity. Jewellers around the world use rhodium to plate even platinum because of its impressive shine and protective properties.



Imitation pearls are the latest addition to the Cazabella range. The synthetic pearls have multiple coatings to ensure durability paired with an outstanding finish.


Onyx and Mother of Pearl

Opulent black Onyx and shimmering Mother of Pearl complete the Cazabella range with massive influence from the European fashion industry.


Gold Plating (Gold)

All gold plated pieces are tested by the Cazabella Quality Team to ensure consistent thickness of gold plating which again reduces tarnishing.



All men's and ladies watches have been specifically designed to integrate fashion, quality and reliability into one outstanding time piece. All watches carry a 6 month warranty on movement.

Size Chart

Ring Sizes:

Ladies rings are available in five sizes, small, medium, large, extra large & double extra large.

Use our guide to find your perfect fit.

17 mm 17.5 mm 18.5 mm 19 mm 20 mm
13 15 17 19 21

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