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How it Works!

Cazabella is a successful direct sales company which was launched in 2008.

Today the company has 7500 consultants in 11 countries. Our consultants all share a common goal of providing our customers with high quality fashion accessories at unmatched prices!

How do I sell?

Over the years direct sales has evolved from the traditional home party, to shows and exhibitions and most recently online. As a Cazabella consultant you will earn commission on all sales made whether they are face to face sales or online. 

Our most successful consultants make their income through many sales avenues:

  • Home parties
  • Shows & Expos
  • Social media
  • Email blasts
  • Cazabella online sales
  • Growing a team – biggest income generator!

How can I grow a team?

Once you have become a consultant yourself, you can recruit others to join your team. You will earn a commission on the sales of each individual that you sign up. See the commission structure below to see the different tiers.

How much can I earn?

Consultants can earn from 20% - 45% on all sales made.


Full or Part time?

It is completely up to you. Many of our top consultants started part time and since then have created a successful team that has allowed them to be part of the Cazabella family full time.

If you are in a job with flexi hours or a job with many people – selling part time is a great way to earn extra income with very little effort.

Our full time consultants have created successful businesses and earnings that gives them complete financial freedom and time to spend with loved ones.     

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